Ode to Rochdale Village

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This slideshow presentation represents images of Rochdale Village translated into art.  To accompany these interpretations is a reprint of the poem entitled “The Village” which originally appeared in the December 2012 issue of the Rochdale Village Bulletin newspaper.  The poem is written by poetess and Rochdale resident, Ms. Gloria Williams.

The Village

Rochdale Village Mitchell-Lama co-op

I call it my home.

The Jewel of Jamaica it’s where I belong.

20 tall buildings, 13 stories high.

Robert Moses’ 1963 dream in Southeast Queens

soaring to the sky.

It started as an experiment for all the world to see.

Could more than 25,000 people live together?

and grow in harmony?

Four buildings in each circle; never have to cross the street.

The affordable housing carrying charges would be very difficult to beat.

Safety police security, the cities finest – the best.

Post office, two malls…

There’s so much to be thankful for

we the chosen are truly blessed.

The maintenance crew strives daily to keep the buildings clean.

Hats off, 21 gun salute to the Bulletin, Board of Directors and, the Management teams.

New auditorium in the center; functions day and night

parties and meetings throughout the year til’ the morning light.

Remember back in the day when Jamaica’s lights went out?

Rochdale Village a beacon in the night stood lite tall and proud.

Don’t forget all the homes, businesses and churches surrounding this beautiful place.

Sorry, I didn’t hear you still looking for a parking space?

The laughter of children playing

Lots and lots of trees

I love living in Rochdale Village

Friendly people, flowers galore, butterflies, birds and bumblebees.


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