Rochdale Village 50th Anniversary Symposium: Panel Discussions

Rochdale goes to Albany

RV in Albany: (left to right) Rochdale board member Adolphus (Al) Frazier, Joyce Levy, State Assemblyman Eddie Abramson, (hidden in rear) Sharon Tinling, Governor Hugh Carey, Mayo Favery, Cal Jones, Horace Mason, Claudette Johnson, Mary Holman and Claude Turnage. Photo courtesy of Cal Jones.

Panel Discussion Overview

Rochdale Village is revving up for what is expected to be a monumental kick-off to this year’s celebratory anniversary festivities.

On Saturday, June 29, 2013, the Anniversary Symposium being coordinated by the Rochdale Village 50th Anniversary Ad Hoc Committee and sponsored by the Rochdale Village Board of Directors  will examine the past, present and future of this historic cooperative.  As a result, the Committee has planned a daylong affair complete with informative panels, historians and nostalgic reflections on how this community’s past will shape its future.

Rochdale's Civilian Patrol car on the move

Building 16 resident and Civilian Patrol member, Irving Saunders, drives a patrol car through Parking Lot 5 on 133rd Avenue (circa 1982-1984).

Participants are encouraged to arrive at 10am in the Rochdale Village Community Center Auditorium for swift program registration and seating.   The symposium will include multiple panel discussions that will review and encourage dialogue about periods of time in Rochdale’s trajectory.


Rochdale Village Jewish Center groundbreaking ceremony. (Sunglass-wearing) Judy Pearlman on far right of photo. Photo courtesy of Vicki Pearlman

Panel #1 will discuss “Building a Community” and reviews the period 1963-1974.

  • Rochdale Village, the creation of an integrated community: Recruitment of applicants; Construction of Rochdale Village; Planning for schools.
  • Governing of Rochdale Village: The United Housing Foundation (UHF); House Congress; The Rochdale Board of Directors.
  • The Politics of Rochdale Village: The Tenants Council; the Concerned Cooperators and the United Shareholders.
  • Rochdale Village Community Organizations: The Rochdale Negro Cultural Society/Rochdale Black Society; JASA and Other Rochdale Village Organizations in and around the community.
  • Rochdale Village and
    Albert Shanker, Pres of U.F.T. holds report is...

    Albert Shanker, Pres of U.F.T. holds report issued by mediators to Mayor Robert Wagner that helped to stop strike threat of teachers / World Telegram & Sun photo by Walter Albertin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Community Politics: 26th, 32nd and 29th Assembly District Democratic Clubs

  • The 1968 School Strike and Rochdale Village: Meeting with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President, Al Shanker; Meeting with Public School #80 PTA; Concerned Parents of P.S. 80; Occupy P.S. 80; Strike impact on Rochdale Village.

Panel #2 will discuss “Fighting to Sustain a Community” during 1975-1987.

  • Rochdale Village Board of Directors/Local 80 Teamsters: Board of Directors vs. United Shareholders; the United Shareholders and Local 80 Teamsters Union.
  • The Committee to Save Rochdale Village (CSRV): Organizing the community; New York Police Department (NYPD); the New York Fire Department (NYFD) and the New York Department of Sanitation (NYSD) refused to enter Rochdale Village property; the cleanup and the creation of the Rochdale Defense League.
  • The 1980 Financial Workout Agreement: The Committee to Save Rochdale organizes cooperator rallies; the Committee to Save Rochdale conducts cooperator workshops; Cooperators travel to Albany.
  • The Committee to Save Rochdale Village runs candidates for the Rochdale Board of Directors; CSRV campaigns for election to the Board; CSRV wins election and serves on Board of Directors; CSRV negotiates 23% increase with NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR); Board election overturned and CSRV loses new election.
Rochdale's First Open Board Meeting

Standing at the table, left to right, are Mildred Cuff, Frank McKanic, Horace Mason, Betty J. Robinson, Kevin Dilworth, Sam Baskin, and (on the very far right) State Division of Housing and Community Renewal appointed board member Dennis Hasher. Photo courtesy of Kevin Dilworth.
Seated on the far left, at the head table, was Rochdale’s then-labor counsel Kevin McGill.

Panel #3 1988-2013: “Building a Future Community”

Rochdalers examine the past to consider where the cooperative is headed in the future.

Mini break periods will take place throughout the day.  Rochdale Village has always been a diverse community that has learned a lot from each other.  Come reunite with old friends, neighbors and family to share memories of days gone by.  Admission is FREE but only with a ticket.  Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Rochdale Village 50th Anniversary Symposium: Panel Discussions

  1. It was a pleasure to have joined the past and present members of the Rochdale Village community and to have been part of the discussions. It brought back many warm and positive memories. Kevin Dilworth, Herb Plever, Cal Jones and everyone else who was involved with putting the event together did an outstanding job!!!

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