Rochdale Village at 50: a legacy of communication

From the very beginning, Rochdale Village pioneers espoused the importance of maintaining transparency and keeping the lines of communication open.

Rochdale_Village_Bulletin_May_62_page1Even before the original cooperators took possession of their new digs, a newsletter had been created and circulated to bring the first ” move-ins” up to date about the latest happenings in the Village .

One of the first documented communiques to the Rochdale Village community is dated May 1962.  This hand typed, 5-page newsletter was generated under the title of the Rochdale Village Bulletin newspaper.Rochdale Newsletter Dec 1964

Many other publications followed which  provided news cooperators could use and reflected individual community groups that formed within Rochdale Village such as the Negro Cultural Society Newsletter which was published in 1966 and the Traditional Synagogue Messenger  published in 1964.


04c TraditionalSynagogeMessenger  Sept 64

Image contributed by Herb Plever

Over the years, Rochdale’s club communications also mirrored society’s changes in perspective and awareness such as the transformation from the Negro Cultural Society Newsletter in 1964 to the Black Cultural Society by 1988.

Scanned Image 131000001 (2)

Image contributed by Chief Thomas Mason

Slide7Since then, there have  been numerous iterations of the Rochdale newspaper under various mastheads.  These publications were produced by committed cooperators that dedicated their time and service to keeping residents informed and their interests front and center.

Fast forward 50 years later, The Rochdale Village community still has something to say.  The official newspaper of the cooperative remains the  Rochdale Village Bulletin.  The paper now boasts 40-pages and is produced in both 4-color and black and white pages.  The paper also has a supporting digital version.  Yes, communication has always been an integral  part of the Rochdale Village community.  Its legacy of communication speaks volumes.Slide1

Submission credits go out to: Rochdale Village resident, Herb Plever, the Rochdale Village Bulletin and Chief Thomas Mason.

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