Deserving Queens NY teens to receive free prom dresses at Rochdale Village


Rochdale’s Youth Planning Committee recently teamed up with Operation Prom, a non-profit organization, to conduct the first ever Prom Dress Giveaway at the complex. The Prom Dress Giveaway benefits deserving Queens New York teens that are graduation-bound and will be held in the Rochdale Village Grand Ballroom on Saturday, May 14 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Selected prom dress recipients are required to meet all passing grade requirements for graduation and have their school guidance counselor sign off on the application. Other generous donations that attendees can expect to receive include fashion accessories and cosmetic makeovers that will be done on site.

Prom Master Candace Hutson, Queens Director for Operation Prom, and Rochdale’s Youth Planning Committee volunteers will be on hand to help graduating students find the perfect outfit. According to Ms. Hutson, “Operation Prom events are literally a celebration of achievement. There’s music, makeovers and a red carpet to walk when you say “yes” to the dress.”

Operation Prom began in Yonkers, New York 11 years ago as an idea to help make prom-goers dreams comes true. The concept blossomed into a full-blown nationwide initiative. For additional information, contact Susan Van Brackle at the Rochdale Village Bulletin on Twitter @rochdalenews1, email at or by calling 718.276.5700 x359.

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