Rochdale Village Board of Directors ratifies mall’s redesign and expansion

BigMallWeb2Members of the Rochdale Village Board of Directors recently ratified plans for Marion Scott Realty Inc. to proceed with renovation of Big Mall #1 located at Guy R. Brewer and Baisley Boulevards.  The mall’s facelift is the first major one of its kind since the structure’s inception over 50 years ago.

Approximately  $1,662,916 in funding from  the 2014 refinance will be allocated towards rehabilitative capital improvements of shopping malls 1 and 2.  The timing of these modifications are on par with the 3-year projections  originally outlined in the January 2014 Bulletin.

First, Board members were  charged with the process of  vetting  the best and most qualified architect for the job.  Next steps included review and approval of designs that are functionally suitable for Rochdale’s 10-acres of shopping centers without sacrificing esthetics. 

Modifications to the marquee signage, interior decor and lighting are just a few of the marked improvements that cooperators  can expect to see at Mall #1.  Along with that, new retail anchors are currently being sourced.

The  commercial upgrades  that are in progress stand to put Rochdale Village in position to grow and attract business in its shopping malls as well as harness fleeting foot traffic that continuously leaves the complex for other options.

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