Rochdale Village hosts 1st Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk


Beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, September 24, 2016, friends, family and volunteers will assemble to participate in Rochdale‘s first Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Jamaica, Queens.  The event kicks off in front of the neighborhood’s Community Center at 169-65 137th Avenue.

Banners, pink ribbons and balloons will decorate the cooperative’s grounds while Breast Cancer Awareness supporters are set to provide cheer and distribute needed refreshments as the walkers complete their laps.

This community of 25,000 residents sits on one contiguous land mass of 120-acres. Twenty apartment buildings are grouped into five circles with four buildings in each circle. Walkers will stop into each circle before continuing on to the next then making their way around the complex. Each time around the village completes approximately one mile.

Rochdale’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk supports ongoing efforts to combat the scourge of breast cancer in this lifetime.  All are invited to attend this rain or shine event being hosted by the Board of Directors’ Community Relations and Senior Citizens’ Committees.


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